Update – March 2021

I loved this sweater, but after a bit more wear I realised that I’d made a mistake when reading the translated pattern and used entirely the wrong yarn. It was meant to be knit with chunky yarn, not DK, and after a few more wears the whole jumper started to stretch until it reached my knees. I gave up on that jumper, but I never gave up on the idea of it. I’ve now released my own pattern inspired by the texture of that jumper, with the same slouchy fit, and my signature Knits Please style.

I’m actually feeling kind of grateful for the gloomier weather we’ve been having here in the UK. While we may be firmly into Spring, I’m appreciating the time that these cooler temperatures are allowing me to spend with my latest knits. I was a little delayed in really getting going with jumper knitting over the Autumn and Winter. A major wardrobe overhaul early this year finally made it clear to me which gaps I should be knitting to fill, and I’m doing my best to address that while I can still wear my favourite woollies before the weather really turns!

My second knit, after my Autumnal Cardigan, was this oversized sweater, naturally, in grey. I’ve realised that I like my tops ‘cover-the-bum’ long, or ‘cropped-to-wear-with-high-waists’ short, and this fit the bill for option one perfectly. I had a few balls of this graphite DK left, so I thought I’d give this oversized sweater pattern a go with it, and it didn’t disappoint.

I love the loose, flowing texture that’s created with the DK yarn and 7mm needles, and it just adds to the major relaxed and casual style that this jumper rocks so well. Knitting-wise, I found the pattern to be pretty simple to follow, with just a little shaping on the neckline and some increases on the sleeves.

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, this jumper has already cemented its place as a hard and fast wardrobe staple, and I’ve found it to be the perfect thing to throw on with black skinny jeans and chunky boots when I’m running errands.

I can’t wait for next Winter to roll around so I can experiment with layers and give it a whole new lease of life but, for now, I’ll just appreciate it on those days when the chill in the air calls for sleeves!


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