If you’ve been around for any length of time, here or over on my Instagram, you’d probably think that I’ve got a pretty good idea of my style. There’s a clear aesthetic, that’s for sure, and you’re unlikely to see me stray too far away from my signature grey knits and white space in the foreseeable future.

But recently I’ve been thinking more about my style as a designer. I follow so many great knitwear designers on Instagram, and while I know it’s not productive or healthy, I sometimes find myself comparing what I do to them, and more often than not I feel a little lost.

I think that my brain tells me that I need to be more creative. I need to experiment more with different stitches and techniques and textures, and while I love what I see others creating in all of these areas, it’s time to admit to myself that there’s a reason I’m not knitting that way. Because it’s just not my style.

I’ve been participating in the #100daysproject on the down-low, and it’s been a real eye-opener for me. Trying to sketch up a knitting pattern every day for 100 days has helped me to see what styles I usually gravitate towards, pushed me out of my comfort zone to try different things, and shown me where I really don’t want to end up.

The truth is, I love a simple knit.

I love the aesthetics of a simple knit. Stocking stitch is my favourite, and I’m all about using shaping and silhouettes to nod to my minimalist style. But I also love the process of a simple knit. I love the repetition. I love not having to reference a pattern all the time, and I love being able to knit in the background while my eyes and brain are doing something else.

I worry that people might find my patterns boring, and that their simplicity could put people off but I have to be realistic – those people probably aren’t the ones who I’m designing for, and that’s a-OK.

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