For the longest time I’ve berated myself for my all or nothing relationship with Knits Please. I’ve been doing this for almost five and a half years now, and throughout all of those years I have been telling myself I’m not doing well enough, that I need to be more consistent. I’ve written consistency down in big bold letters, I’ve drafted out action plans, I’ve packed my calendar with recurring tasks and you know what? It hasn’t worked. And I’m finally learning that that’s OK. I’m finally learning to embrace the relationship I do have instead of trying to make it something it isn’t.

I don’t want Knits Please to be my full time job. Knits Please is first and foremost meant to be fun. It’s meant to be where I document my knitting adventures, a low-pressure space for my own enjoyment. Anything beyond that is a bonus, and I’ve been lucky to have quite a lot of bonus over the years, but in that I’ve lost touch with what I truly want it to be – fun, for me.

So when it takes me months to knit just one thing, or even nothing at all, when I pour so much love and energy into something that doesn’t turn out like I hoped, or when I feel like I’m really in my stride and I’m connected and making and sharing in flow, I’ll embrace it all.

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